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CRAM. *~ᴥ~* a poem

CRAM FLAKE my ass is dry and crisp CRAB and claw suck and twist INK is what likes to write but a SLOTH could sleep both day and night don’t STAIN my mind with injurious thoughts It’s pure It’s righteous It can’t be bought MOTIVATE me merrily to scratch my ass and TWITCH my nose […]

Quiet Brilliance

Quiet Brilliance somewhere a longing deep inside is identified and my search goes on a desire yes somehow fulfilled and the sparkling path that I walk on often without knowing and fading into the sun is always there Quiet Brilliance yes Quiet Brilliance © 2011 Dedicated to the comfort and peace of those suffering in […]

I Could Speak About Silence Forever

I Could Speak About Silence Forever I breathe in and with that one breath                                I am free Such is the power of meditation Oh. I see the snares I have set for myself but ever mindful of my own value I step in them less                      and less I drink my tea__ and I […]

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