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Quiet Brilliance

Quiet Brilliance somewhere a longing deep inside is identified and my search goes on a desire yes somehow fulfilled and the sparkling path that I walk on often without knowing and fading into the sun is always there Quiet Brilliance yes Quiet Brilliance © 2011 Dedicated to the comfort and peace of those suffering in […]

Feeding The Fire Ants

Feeding The Fire Ants a mass of ants devour a leaf including the stem and I soon discover that I know several things none of which seem relevant to this so I reach to a tree near the crawling clawing pile of six-legged pincers and pull off a juicy green piece of foliage off gently […]

Swim On

Swim On Pictures fall to my twisted vision A kaleidoscope of memories dance and brainy thoughts worm about a backlash of deep light The hook dangles with conspicuous bait and I am tempted There’s always a string Always pain Yet I am tempted I paddle through confusion Muddied minds and thick waters are not ideal […]

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