Ghosts of Memories Past


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Ghosts of memories past
cry forth from the shadowy
underbrush within

Ghosts of memories past
Oh! How could I forget?
Where do I begin?

Ghosts of memories past
It seems I know not what I’ve done
or where it is I’ve been

Ghosts of memories past
hidden behind veils and veils of blackness
known to most as sin

Ghosts of memories past
Merciless in their weight
Dire as tearing of skin

Ghosts of memories last
How I pray that they’ll stop
God, please let them end

are steadily

© 2009

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  1. Samantha says:

    nice write. eerie… makes me think of skeletons in the closet, or perhaps just life’s little regrets… that we all have….

    • dakasky says:

      Oh! Scary indeed. Apparently, there are skeletons (and chunks of rotting flesh) in this closet that my brain blocked out. :)

  2. Spooky. I think your use of repetition helped build up the tension in this piece.

  3. Nisa West says:

    I find this more real and honest than scary. Of course, memories within the thinking mind can be frightening, but your words- dark may they be- shed light. This poem is such a great reflection of the human memory trap…

  4. To me is a mixture of both….spooky and honest and real because in away you can relate and in another you can’t. The honest and real part makes you see the simularities, the spooky part is that you can’t…. in some ways it’s spooky ’cause it’s unpredictable…

  5. JK Fowler says:

    Hi there. Thought you might enjoy this: . Cheers, JK

  6. Rec says:

    Definitely echoes how I’m feeling lately…

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