Once Was White


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My mind is charred
Marshmallow in flame
Black it melts
Never the same

Once was white pure
Fluffy and soft
Embers of thoughts
Now linger aloft

Plenty of fuel
So much it won’t end
These thoughts, yes they burn
Scorch sizzle and singe

No chocolate to chase
No sticky or gooey
But crunchy black burnt
Flaky not chewy

Stuck on a hanger
To hang and to hang
Poked through the middle
Emotional pangs

Sitting on end
Releasing with smoke
Suffocates my sanity
Smothers and chokes

The fire it smolders
No, it will not die
And my mind the marshmallow
Continues to fry

© 2009

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5 Responses to “Once Was White”

  1. lady maggie says:

    oh but so yummy!! thoughts and dreams as delicious as hot liquid marshmallow!!

  2. Samantha says:

    Oooooo… very nice! in a dark, bittersweet, sickening, sort of way… loved the “poked thru the middle” and whole visual.

    Sort of makes me want to do a commercial…

    This is your brain.. (shows marshmallow)
    THIS is your brain, on Dakasky.. (shows marshmallow burning in flames, then being blown out… and carefully pulled off the stick by the teeth… and eaten whole… while grinning oh so contently)

    😉 LOL

  3. Thanks for your comment, I truly appreciate it. I will be returning to your blog.

  4. What a perfect yet unexpected metaphor. I enjoy your blog. Glad to have found it.

    Miss D

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