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First I see a shadow
Then I see it’s me
My shadow is a part
of my reality

2 stand in the light
I must accept
that I will always
have a shadow

And my shadow said
“move me”
“move me”
“move me!”

Everything has a shadow
unless it’s in the dark
Everything has a shadow
Everything makes it’s mark

The only time
there is no shadow
when it’s dark
Then light becomes the shadow

Have U ever seen a shadow of light?

Only when U glow
Only when U glow

© 2009

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No Responses to “Shadow”

  1. Nisa West says:

    I’m being followed… Sometimes I think I know who she is, other times I’m left in the dark. Nice poem Dear Poet…

  2. Dimitri says:

    Dear Dakasky:

    Thank you for using my image to reflect with your wonderful poem.

    I would love it if you left a comment on my photo on flickr with a link to your poem!


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