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Finding Reality Once Again

Finding Reality Once Again I tripped on acid once and spun around until I turned into the Tasmanian Devil from those damn cartoons whirling and twirling until reality was just a blur I kept this up for several years until one day I had to stop mostly ’cause I was thirsty and then I had […]

My Own World

My Own World I live in my own world I often make it up This can be quite treacherous and sometimes extremely beautiful Things surprise me like elaborate flowers or people coming after me and other outrageous confablulations I live in the Matrix Quantum Physics says that an electron or an atom can be in […]


Shadow First I see a shadow Then I see it’s me My shadow is a part of my reality 2 stand in the light I must accept that I will always have a shadow And my shadow said “move me” “move me” “move me!” Everything has a shadow unless it’s in the dark Everything has […]


Reality Ossified Firm like my head a rock is hard a rock is dead but strings HANG in nihility and i wish that i could count numberless numerals like so many people i know I could use long extemporaneous words but the four letter variety seem to work well Sanity defined as neurosis-free Fuck I […]

If She Believed In Dreams

This is a new poem I wrote today. If She Believed In Dreams If only she believed in dreams I know that she could see true reality I feel as if she’d want so much more of me not some flipped out fantasy If she believed in dreams Who could blame her toward such sullen […]

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