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Quiet Brilliance

Quiet Brilliance somewhere a longing deep inside is identified and my search goes on a desire yes somehow fulfilled and the sparkling path that I walk on often without knowing and fading into the sun is always there Quiet Brilliance yes Quiet Brilliance © 2011 Dedicated to the comfort and peace of those suffering in […]

Angels Shower

Angels Shower Angels shower              Love upon us Undeserved              for Love is free Trees they tower              truth above us Undisturbed              for truth can be A strong power              deep within us Unreserved              for deep are we Fear devours              all about us Unhindered              it kills the trees And soon we cower              and people fuss Unobserved              this Love could […]

She is the Flow

She is the Flow She could explain beauty to a flower She is that amazing But, dare she appreciate the many twists and turns on the limbs of this tree? With her I take my comfort knowing that when I stop and talk to the ants that she might stop and talk to them with […]

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