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Angels shower
             Love upon us
             for Love is free
Trees they tower
             truth above us
             for truth can be
A strong power
             deep within us
             for deep are we
Fear devours
             all about us
             it kills the trees
And soon we cower
             and people fuss
             this Love could be
So on this hour
             each one of us
             we all must see
The blooming flower
             Love within us
We are Love
             and I am me

© 2009

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No Responses to “Angels Shower”

  1. The poem is beautiful.

    I like the way you have structured it – the way it draws my eyes to where I need to pause and reflect.

    I appreciate that…

    To me the most important words…

    “We are Love
    and I am me”

    Too often we lose sight of our own individuality when we ‘love’ and whatever power(s) that may be created all of us as unique pieces of a greater whole – meant to share what it is that is so very special about us with others for the higher good of all.


    Ya – but I was inspired by your angels Mr. D.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    *feeds tiny little angel girl*

    That poor girl will need more than a pop to fill her up Mr. Dakasky.

    *makes her some soup and a decent sandwich*

    There – that’s better.



    • dakasky says:

      Thanks M.L.! We are love. All of us, as one! We are all interconnected, or “interbeing” as Thich Nhat Hanh calls it. hee hee. Ok. I made her a roast beef sandwich with gazpacho soup. :)

      • Oh thank you dear – my tummy was hurting just looking at the little girl.

        Thin is okay but that poor wee thing really needed a good feed (and something for her wee bony bum to sit on as well – that concrete lump must be very hard and cold)


        Yes – I am bitching…

        It’s the Mommy in me – ignore.


  2. lady maggie says:

    i loved the images and the movement in this, and echo wwns’s applause for the message

    but i confess your angel did make me feel a bit on the heavy side. she can have my sandwich if you’re passing them out all around


    • dakasky says:

      Hmmmm. Now I am wondering if I need to find another image to go with this one. I just liked how kinda sad and lonely the angel looked. But perhaps you are right. I’ll think about it. Maybe there is a better angel image. Surely there is. :) Anyone else vote for changing? Or link me to another angel here.

      • lady maggie says:

        oh no oh no i vote NO to chasing her off down the street. sad and lonely, yes, and with such an aching touch to her body language and expression that would be difficult to match up so well with your words by any plump jolly cherub or any other replacement

        and that cold hard slab of concrete she’s parked her bony behind on, that only adds sensuous vibes reverbing back – go hunting for any different image, and you’re going to need to pick up your trees and devouring fear as well as this sharp setting does

        and the soda bottle? perfect, simply perfect

        fits to your poem about as good as her jeans must. please keep her

  3. No dear – she is a pretty and sweet girl.

    I just find myself wanting to know more about her…

    Does ‘she’ have a story?

    Will you write one for us?

    I think I would like that – if you would Mr. Dakasky?


  4. Such pretty words together sharing meaning. Powerful meaning. Thank you for sharing.

  5. winterdandelion says:

    I read this particular poem a couple of times and wow… well structured, and love the imagery. Well done!

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