Archive for September, 2009

On Submitting Poetry

On Submitting Poetry You’d better submit some poetry ’cause if you don’t I will kill thee The method of which I know not yet but this I will do you’d better you bet I could chop off your balls put them in a cup or nail you to walls hang you right up I could […]

Feeding The Fire Ants

Feeding The Fire Ants a mass of ants devour a leaf including the stem and I soon discover that I know several things none of which seem relevant to this so I reach to a tree near the crawling clawing pile of six-legged pincers and pull off a juicy green piece of foliage off gently […]

My Own World

My Own World I live in my own world I often make it up This can be quite treacherous and sometimes extremely beautiful Things surprise me like elaborate flowers or people coming after me and other outrageous confablulations I live in the Matrix Quantum Physics says that an electron or an atom can be in […]

Angels Shower

Angels Shower Angels shower              Love upon us Undeserved              for Love is free Trees they tower              truth above us Undisturbed              for truth can be A strong power              deep within us Unreserved              for deep are we Fear devours              all about us Unhindered              it kills the trees And soon we cower              and people fuss Unobserved              this Love could […]

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