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Finding Reality Once Again

Finding Reality Once Again I tripped on acid once and spun around until I turned into the Tasmanian Devil from those damn cartoons whirling and twirling until reality was just a blur I kept this up for several years until one day I had to stop mostly ’cause I was thirsty and then I had […]

My Own World

My Own World I live in my own world I often make it up This can be quite treacherous and sometimes extremely beautiful Things surprise me like elaborate flowers or people coming after me and other outrageous confablulations I live in the Matrix Quantum Physics says that an electron or an atom can be in […]

Once Was White

Once Was White My mind is charred Marshmallow in flame Black it melts Never the same Once was white pure Fluffy and soft Embers of thoughts Now linger aloft Plenty of fuel So much it won’t end These thoughts, yes they burn Scorch sizzle and singe No chocolate to chase No sticky or gooey But […]


Reality Ossified Firm like my head a rock is hard a rock is dead but strings HANG in nihility and i wish that i could count numberless numerals like so many people i know I could use long extemporaneous words but the four letter variety seem to work well Sanity defined as neurosis-free Fuck I […]

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