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If She Believed In Dreams

This is a new poem I wrote today. If She Believed In Dreams If only she believed in dreams I know that she could see true reality I feel as if she’d want so much more of me not some flipped out fantasy If she believed in dreams Who could blame her toward such sullen […]

She is the Flow

She is the Flow She could explain beauty to a flower She is that amazing But, dare she appreciate the many twists and turns on the limbs of this tree? With her I take my comfort knowing that when I stop and talk to the ants that she might stop and talk to them with […]


Tongue The Power of Tongue to slice or to love to express or to say what we’re thinking of Biologically the strongest muscle of all could shoot words of death like a cannonball BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM soft and slimy able to taste yet words are spoken with waste & haste Death to the lies Death to the […]


MMmmm! Mesh MY Marvelous Matrix of Mutually Mundane and Mysterious Meltdowns of Mighty Mokoluts as Musical Marmosets Make Magically Monumental Mostly Momentary Mental Moving Mind Movies Missing Mellow Memories Magnifying Minor Mealworms of Messy Midnights Moosing Milky Moonlit Meadows and Murkily Mapping My Miraculous Motion Much More Maturely as Machine-like Masons Mold My DESTINY MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. […]

Gargoyles Dance

Gargoyles Dance …and Gargoyles dance upon rooftops as echoes of laughter crawl down the sidewalk only to grip another stranger to the wall of humanity crawling, clawing with nails of emotional flesh ripping through well built walls of thick organized confusion masquerading as success only to find truth gargling gargoyles metamorphosing into angels of light […]

Death of a Spirit

Death of a Spirit Long Toes Hold Many Reasons Like a Fatal Bird That Flies In The Night Apples Roll Down Brick Streets And Rot Where They Stop Yes Rot A Fly Big And Green Lands On Horse’s Hiney And’s Killed Instantaneously By Swat Of Tail In A Heart Somewhere Swims A Fish In Murky […]

Love’s Labour Lost

As a poet, musician and artist… this one has special meaning for me. Love’s Labour Lost My muse speaks So I must obey her She mentions things 2 me and they come She whispers and I am moved beyond her words She smiles and I weep in her beauty I give myself 2 her and […]

I am a Ghost

To start off the poems here, I figured it would be apropos to begin with the first poem I ever wrote. It all started at the tender age of 6. Here is the untitled masterwork of that very young boy. It may be the best and most honest poem I have ever written. i am […]

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