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I live in my own world
I often make it up
This can be
quite treacherous
and sometimes
extremely beautiful

Things surprise me
like elaborate flowers
or people
coming after me
and other outrageous

I live in the Matrix
Quantum Physics says
that an electron
or an atom
can be in two places
at the same time

I know
this is true
from my own

I have been there
more than twice
There are others with me
which is a blessing
else I would get quite lonely

Yes I am different
Not like you
or me
more like an alien-hybrid
experiment gone wrong
who has pink bunnies
in his brain
and psychedelic hazel eyes

I live in my own worlds
I often make them up
The difference
between us
is that
I live in both worlds
at the same damn time

© 2009

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6 Responses to “My Own World”

  1. Shawn Roske says:

    I like the pics that accompany your poems. Quite striking in relation to the words!

  2. Samantha says:

    Nice. Only two worlds? I thought I saw you simultaneously juggling at least three or four. 😉 and, feel like I do too…

    Oh, and, I love the “pink bunnies” and “psychedelic hazel eyes” reference…
    Not sure why… just do!

    • dakasky says:

      Hee hee. I love your comments Samantha – “pink bunnies” and “psychedelic hazel eyes” … ah and yes perhaps 3-5 or even infinite worlds but TRUTH is stranger than fiction and this poem is oddly very true. And no, in spite of what some might say, I am not crazy. :)

  3. Nisa West says:

    I was wondering what was inside your head. And now I have a little more insight. Thanks for sharing… This poem gives us a True Poet behind it. Encore…


  4. While i completely relate to this poem i also think its awsomely amazing, but thats no surprise comeing from a poet like you Dasasky!!! =D

  5. Darshon Angel says:

    I happened on your site quite by accident. I play with a lot of visual imagery and found you via the purple sunset associated with quiet brilliance. I write a lot of poetry myself and yet I’ve never met/read work from someone who reminds me of my own work like yours does. I’m instantly a fan and shall be visiting your site to read everything you’ve written that you have posted. It’s not that your poetry is like mine. It’s a feel and a flavor that tells me about you. I’m going to put that on my list of things the universe should do to me. Cross my path with your, I think it’d be delightful.

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