Wolf and Crow


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I stepped upon
a crow feather
last night

Mere accident
I suppose

Reached down
to pick it up
then hesitated

if I should touch


I thought of her
with her sly sunset smile

These thoughts
went many places

none of which
I shall describe here

I can only summarize:
She moves me

I have things
Not those kind of things
Other things
Things I dare not mention

Intrigue bites
and questions gnaw

to the onyx depths
of old bone

within the carcass
of this charcoaled relic

this grizzled hold-out
from a time forgotten

this bastion of the eternal;

he pounces into the abyss
stirring up snow

when he comes up
a soft look in his eyes


ever so gently
‘tween his teeth

he holds that feather
in his mouth

knowing it belongs

to his precious
friend of the wild;

© 2009

Image a derivative made by me of two works in the public domain

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  1. Nisa says:

    Great use of allusion Mr. Wolf… This poem calls upon the reader to look beyond the human rational mind and into the wild uncertainty! Lovely… There are some lines that may not be needed due to flow and tone, but that’s left to be said…

  2. wonderful flow of thoughts and feelings

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